Curator - David G. Larsen


ISBN: 0-672-21952-2

Authors: John M. Holland

Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.
4300 West 62nd St.
Indianapolis, IN 46268

Copyright: 1983


Anyone interested in robotics needs this comprehensive guide. Whether you're involved in the design, maintenance, or implementation of robotics systems-or would like to be-this book will be a valuable resource because it: Thoroughly covers the four most central subjects of robotics-motion control, manipulators, mobility, and vision. Presents useful information on the latest developments in important areas such as energy systems, carriage systems, navigation techniques, development and programming methods. Explains the capabilities and pitfalls of various robotics systems, with an overview of the current industrial and experimental robots. Contains in-depth discussions of the applications of the various technologies needed in robotics.Written in an easy-to understand manner, with clear explanations for those looking for new ideas, but with complex mathematical formulas offered in the appendix for those who need them. Starts with simple concepts and moves to more complex concepts with many detailed illustrations. We are experiencing the development of a vast and exciting new industry that is quickly finding applications both inside and outside the factory. Robotics brings together a large number of various technologies providing great opportunity for the innovative and creative.

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