Curator - David G. Larsen



ISBN: 0-672-21895-X

Authors: Stephen D. Kasten

Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.

4300 West 62nd St.

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Copyright: 1983

While many books are being written in the wide-open field of electronics concerning the design of microcomputer and computer interfacing circuits, very little practical information is available concerning construction techniques for converting schematics and ideas into functional electronic prototype units. This book was written to fill that gap.

Electronic Prototype Construction can be divided into the following four major features:

Wire wrapping
Methods                              Power supplies
Boards                                Tools
Printed circuit boards
Double-sided PCB              Soldering
Camera-ready artwork        Drilling
Photo resist techniques         Assembly
Etching                                Cleaning
Electroplating                       Protective coatings
Graphic techniques
Photo fabrication                  Screen printing
Photographic principles         Transparencies
Photo masks                         35 mm photography
Darkroom equipment            35 mm photographic reduction
Hardware packaging
Enclosures                             Fabrication tools
Parts layout                            Machining holes
Wiring                                   Cabinet finishing
Front panels                           Panel

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