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ISBN: 0-672-21684-1

Authors: Andrew C. Staugaard., Jr.

Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.

4300 West 62nd St.

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Copyright: 1980

This book has been written to provide the reader with an in-depth introduction to microprocessors/microcomputers in general and the Motorola 6800 microprocessor family in particular. The first chapter is a discussion of fundamental microprocessor concepts. The second chapter covers the heath ET3400 and Motorola MEK6800D2  microcomputer learning systems used for the carious experiments that are presented throughout the book. These experiments have been provided to demonstrate "real world" applications for the concepts being presented. Chapters 3,4 and 5 discuss the internal structure, instruction set, and programming techniques for the 6800.

Chapter 6 covers 6800 input/output and the seventh chapter discusses interfacing the 6800 with memory. The 6820/6821 peripheral interface adapter is covered in Chapter 8. The topic for the final chapter is 6800 system interfacing. Review questions and answers are provided at the end of each chapter to test the reader on the material presented in that chapter. Appendices A and B provide a review of digital-electronics concepts and number systems for those who need to "brush-up" on this material.


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