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ISBN: 0-672-22254-x

Authors: E.G. Brooner

Publisher: Howard W. Sams & Co., Inc.

4300 West 62nd St.

Indianapolis, IN 46268

Copyright: 1984

A new revolution-the network revolution-is upon us. Computer networks are expanding into our daily activities, allowing us the cost advantages of sharing printers, disk storage, and software programs between systems. Network concepts such as print spooling and shared data files also have many man-hours. With this increased awareness of networks, however, comes many provocative questions:
  • What is a network?
  • What can a network do for you?
  • Where do you start when planning a network?
  • What is collision detection?
  • What are protocol levels?
  • Will special "network software" be needed?

This book answers these questions and more. It defines concepts and terminology used within a network system. Examples of actual working network systems, such as: Ominet by Corvus Systems, Inc., Northnet by North Star Computers and CP/NET by Digital Research illustrate the components and techniques associated with current networking. Also included is a review of the North Star Planning Guide which describes "how to plan a network" for the serious network-minded reader.


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