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1. Briefly describe how the information you learned was helpful to you and your career - interested in general uses or if there were unusual or humorous results:

2. Bugbook(s) you are familiar with or used (if you remember):

3. Briefly describe any comments on how you feel a specific book or the series overall effected the digital revolution:

4. If you wouldn’t mind, please tell us a little about yourself now. For example, what kind of work you do or if you are retired, your family and your hobbies:

5. Any suggestions you may have for the Bugbook Computer Museum would be very much appreciated:

6. May we contact you for additional information?

Anything additional that you would like to contribute to this effort is most appreciated. Perhaps you could furnish your photo (then, and/or now in your current surroundings) or perhaps you have one of some of the Group. Materials that would help with virtual or on-site display of microcomputers, hardware, and various books are needed- you may contact me personally about transfer details.

Time frame for public display of collected items will depend on quantity and quality of compiled materials. It will be 3 years or so before any building will commence for Floyd, Virginia museum.

I hope to get better acquainted with you in the very new future as we work to save this bit of history. I may be contacted at the above address, phone, or via e-mail--I look forward to your reply.

Warmest Regards,

P.O. Box 179, Floyd VA 24091. Phone  540-745-2322  or e-mail

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