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Bug Book History

These “Bugs” were on every book, article and column written from 1974 to 1984 and on every piece of hardware produced. Many from the “Boomer” generation would have seen these “Bugs”, and may have a memory of the materials they were associated with.

David was associated with the “Blacksburg Group” of developers in the ‘70s and ‘80s. He was part of the mastermind group that produced over 75 books, and built and designed digital teaching equipment and computers back in the early days of the microcomputer.

Dr. Jon Titus (notable designer for a number of teaching computers used with the book series) and Dr. Chris Titus were the other “major players”, as far as their long-term service to the group.
From 1974 to 1984, David was involved in the creation of the series used in electronics and computer education. It started as the “Bug Books”, and evolved into more than seventy books in the “Blacksburg Continuing Education Series” published by Howard W. Sams.

Eventually, over a million copies were distributed and much of the series was translated into various languages. Countless people using the books and hardware were helped to move from the old electronics to digital and microcomputers.

To this day (some 30+ years later), David generally receives a letter, an e-mail, or phone call each week to hear from someone who was influenced by the work of the “Blacksburg Group”.

Over those years, David has amassed a “Smithsonian quality” historical collection of microcomputers (pre-1980). Folks are still helping add to the collection – see story about the recent addition of a Sphere computer at LCFarticles.com

The BugBook Computer Museum

In the future. It is now a matter of location, the process of building, and time to develop exhibits of the caliber that folks will want to come and see.

If you would like more information, David may be reached at 540-763-2321 evenings after 7:00pm.

You were impacted in some way by this book series, and no doubt you have been instrumental yourself in the digital revolution! Please give your perspective by completing the following short survey:


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